Intraoral Laser For Skin Tightening

IDS Clinic - Intra-oral Laser Treatment.

IDS Clinic – Intraoral Laser Treatment.

This revolutionary technology at IDS Clinic uses a dual-prong treatment to lift and tighten skin.

When I first received the press release about this innovative treatment, I did a double take. Then, I thought – how ingenious and had to give it a try. Called the IDS Laser Lift, this is a non-invasive treatment that targets saggy skin using a dual-pronged and holistic approach. It believes that by treating skin from the exterior as well as the inside of your mouth, it is able to target the different layers of skin to stimulate collagen for a natural lifting and volumising effect – without any downtime at all.

IDS Clinic's pristine white treatment rooms.

IDS Clinic’s pristine white treatment rooms.

Treatment process:

To start the treatment, I was given mouthwash to gargle and numbing cream applied to my cheeks. Dr Lum at IDS Clinic began with Intraoral Rejuvenation on the inside of my left cheek, firing beams of varying wavelengths. Apart from a slight prickly sensation, I didn’t feel anything at all. After about six passes, she moved on to the inside of my lower lip. This area was a bit more sensitive but still tolerable. Then, it was the inside of my upper lip, after which, she repeated the entire process on my right side.

The second part of the treatment was the Long Pulse Rejuvenation where Dr Lum targeted imperfections on the outside of my cheeks. As a final step, Ultra Lifting, which consists of bulk tissue heating from the outside, was applied to synergistically tighten my skin. Dr Lum told me that the desired temperature of the laser for this part of the treatment is 42 degrees Celsius. This sounds high but because she moved the laser around, it didn’t feel that hot in reality.

Apart from a slight numbing in my cheeks and lips, there was no downtime from the treatment and I even had a healthy rosy flush on my cheeks post-treatment.

According to Dr Lum, overall results include a decrease in nasolabial lines (or “laugh lines”), refined skin texture with reduced pore size as well as a more lifted skin tone. For best results, five treatments done over a year is recommended.

Cost: $1,250 (before GST) for 30 minutes.


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