Remove Pigmentation With No Downtime

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone with this game changing laser that requires no numbing creams and downtime to boot!

Pigmentation on Asian skin.

Pigmentation on Asian skin.

Removing skin pigmentation with traditional Q-switch laser was always a painful affair involving numbing creams, redness and scabbing, and also required one to cancel all social activities for a week to allow skin to heal. Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, the new Cutera enlightenTM Picosecond Laser System is now able to remove skin pigmentation – sun spots, melasma, birth marks, even tattoos, painlessly and with no downtime. In addition, it also helps brighten up any skin dullness resulting from sun exposure.

In fact, this Picosecond Laser System is reported to be the safest to treat Asian skin, and is able to remove stubborn pigments and tattoos in half the number of sessions as conventional lasers. Ok, here’s where we get a little technical…

Picosecond (one trillionth of a second) laser pulses, which are one thousand times shorter than the nanosecond pulses used by conventional lasers, offer a vast improvement in the treatment of stubborn pigmentation and tattoo removal because they deliver energy from the laser beam into the skin in a much shorter time than conventional lasers. This leads to faster and more effective breakdown of the pigment/tattoo ink particles, and more complete removal of pigments and tattoos. In addition, only half the level of energy is needed to treat the pigment lesions/tattoos effectively, resulting in safer and less painful treatment for patients. Surrounding tissue is also less likely to be compromised in the course of treatment. So, patients can leave the clinic and go straight back to work without anyone noticing anything different (except maybe an exceptionally glowing complexion as the Picosecond laser also has rejuvenative effects).

“Asian skin has always been less tolerant of laser treatments due to the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and patients with stubborn pigments and tattoos could not be treated with conventional lasers in the past. With enlightenTM, this group of patients can now have their pigmentation or tattoos removed safely in as little as two sessions,” said Dr Ram Nath of The Wellness Clinic where I did my treatment.


Dr Ram Nath at The Wellness Clinic.

Treatment process:

The Wellness Clinic

The Wellness Clinic at Camden Medical Centre.

After a detailed consultation where Dr Ram expertly answered all my questions, my face was cleansed and I was ready to start my treatment. Over at The Wellness Clinic, Dr Ram believes in combining certain lasers that complement each other or if the patient’s skin requires it. As the Picosecond laser is so gentle, it can be combined with other lasers for maximum skin efficacy. At our consultation, I shared that I have sensitive skin, so Dr Ram will be doing a Dual Yellow laser, which is great for sensitive skin as well for me.

During the treatment process, I felt a slight prickly sensation, which was very tolerable, and absolutely no heat at all on my skin. The procedure lasted about five minutes. Then a cold gel was applied on my face to soothe it as well as aid the Dual Yellow laser treatment. Besides redness, this laser can also be used to lighten dark circles under the eye area, generate collagen and enhance skin elasticity. After the combined laser treatment, a cold mask was applied on my face for 20 minutes. When the mask was removed, my face was fairer and radiant. I looked like I had just done a facial instead of a laser treatment! I also left with a bag full of skincare products for my sensitive skin, as Dr Ram believes in treating skin holistically – from a well-designed laser treatment programme to proper skincare. Word!


The Wellness Clinic:

#04-09 Camden Medical Centre

1 Orchard Boulevard

Singapore 248649

Tel: 6887 3073

Cost: TWC Pico Clear Treatment is $650 per session.

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