Seong Yeong HIFU Facial Treatment – The Anti-ageing Treatment of Koreans

Seong Yeong HIFU Facial Treatment

Seong Yeong HIFU Facial Treatment

We find out more from Dr Vincent Yeow, medical director of Dream Plastic Surgery.

  1. How does Seong Yeong High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) Facial treatment work?

This non-invasive treatment delivers low levels of energy into the deeper layers of the skin to trigger the body’s natural healing response. This regenerates supportive collagen fibres, which in turn, firms and tightens the skin tissues. The chain of reaction allows patients to experience a tauter, slimmer and more defined V-line.

  1. Why do you think it is an effective anti-ageing prevention treatment?

As we age, our collagen production slows, and the elastic fibres are also less dense. HIFU helps in collagen and elastic fibre reconstitution, restoring the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

  1. Is it suitable for everyone and how many treatments do you recommend?

This treatment is suitable for people of any age and can be done on a monthly basis as an anti-ageing maintenance.

  1. What results can be expected?

The treatment targets the mid-face, jowls and jaw-line for a more defined V-line. Patients will also experience tighter and firmer skin around the treated area for up to a month.

  1. How can we best maintain the results?

You can complement the treatment with anti-ageing skin care products – preferably, an anti-ageing range with peptides to maintain a healthy skin regeneration cycle.


My therapist started by cleansing my face, then she used a machine with a suction-like tip to simultaneously exfoliate, extract impurities and infuse my skin with serums to tone and hydrate my skin. She also did some gentle manual extraction to remove stubborn blackheads around my nose. This was followed by a fruity peel to enhance my skin’s glow.

For the HIFU treatment, their in-house Dream Formula Ultimate Lifting Mask was first applied on my face, followed by a cool gel. My therapist focused the treatment around my jawline and chin. To demonstrate the efficacy of the treatment, she did only the right side of my face to let me compare. To my pleasant surprise, I could see that the treated area was indeed slimmer! After finishing the HIFU treatment – which felt like very mild vibrations, she once again infused my skin with serums, before finishing up with eye cream and sunblock.

My face felt extra smooth and radiant post-treatment. Seong Yeong which means, “to lift” in Korean lived up to its name – my jawline looked more defined and results are said to last up to a month.

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