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Look young and fresh with SkinLab's 3rd Gen Triple RF

Look young and fresh with SkinLab’s 3rd Gen Triple RF

In this era of Thermage and Ulthera – both with high ouch-factors, it is nice to know that there is another way to tighten and reshape face contours comfortably.

SkinLab The Medical Spa

SkinLab The Medical Spa

Strangely, for someone who has done over 60 treatments (not all on my face!) and counting, I have yet to try RF (radiofrequency), so when given the opportunity to try the 3rd Gen Triple RF treatment at SkinLab The Medical Spa, I jumped at the opportunity.

Here’s what RF can treat:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce or eliminate stretch marks
  • Tighten facial tissue
  • Improve facial contour
  • Cellulite
  • Improve facial symmetry
  • Reduce pore size
  • Alleviate acne scarring
  • Remove whiteheads and blackheads
  • Lighten and even out skin tone
  • Skin resurfacing

Treatment process:

After double cleansing my face, my therapist made me inhale a refreshing peppermint scent and gave me a relaxing quickie scalp and chest massage. The RF machine comes with three heads – a big one with six nodules for the body, a medium sized one with three nodules for the face and a smaller one with three nodules for the eyes.

My therapist warned me that the temperature for the RF might go up to 40 degrees – if my skin is able to take it. To begin my treatment, she applied a thick antioxidant cream on my face, then made circular and figure eight motions on my jowls. This was repeated along my nasolabial line, followed by my eyes with the smaller head. The medium head also comes with a massaging function which was the last step for the right side of my face.

The skin on my face is as thick as a cow’s hide, so it was not surprising that I was able to endure up to 41 degrees of heat! The treatment, as promised, felt soothing and it was only slightly uncomfortable around my bony eye socket area.

The therapist showed me my face after completing one side to let me compare the difference. Except for a reduced hollowness of my cheek, I was unable to detect any other difference. This was also because my face is not sagging yet (thank goodness!) and the lifted effect would be more obvious on someone with ageing skin.

To finish off, a cooling and moisturising mask was applied and as a last step, a two-in-one sunblock and moisturiser was massaged onto my face.


My skin looked plumped up and radiant immediately after the treatment. It was also slightly rosy, making me look like I had blusher on. Three days after, my skintone looked more even and my pores smaller – probably from the new collagen generated! For best results, four to six bi-weekly sessions are recommended.


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$450 for face (60 mins), $550 for body (60 mins)

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