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Hair removal and skin rejuvenation with this new IPL system is fast, more effective and ouch-free!

Dare to bare with Silky Smooth IPL hair removal at EstheClinic.

Dare to bare with Silky Smooth IPL hair removal at EstheClinic.

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and the term itself is enough to send shivers of fear up one’s spine if you have been at the brunt of its loud “rubber band” snapping sound and blinding light – especially when it’s down at the private areas. The good news is, there is now a way to remove hair permanently and rejuvenate skin painlessly with a new IPL system, called MacPeel, with Permanent Pulse technology.

Offered at French beauty clinic EstheClinic – an expert in hair removal, having been in the business for 15 years. It even developed its own patented IPL technology (working in synergy with BVA technology), which safely and effectively removes facial and body hair on all types of skin, be it light, tanned or dark. Essentially, the machine uses light and heat to do the job, but without the pain and discomfort. And the best part is, it reportedly takes between six and eight sessions for up to 90 per cent of the hair to be completely gone.

Glow To Go At EstheClinic.

Glow To Go At EstheClinic.

This same treatment (using a different handpiece) can also be used on the face to rejuvenate skin and promote collagen removal. Called Glow To Go, it is said to also lighten pigmentation and promote finer skin tone with regular sessions.

Treatment process:

After a quick consultation to check on my skin (sensitive with slight open pores) and past treatments done, I was led to a pristine treatment room and changed for my facial and underarm IPL sessions.

My therapist first cleansed my face, before applying a thick cold gel all over my face and neck. Then, she helped me put on eye goggles to shield my eyes from the light. As promised, instead of a loud snapping sound, the machine emits a series of soft clicks as it works. The handpiece glides across my face and felt like a warm massage. The bright light was still present (unfortunately) but it was bearable. My therapist made several passes all over my face and neck, covering all areas, including upper lip and nose. To finish off my 20-minute treatment, facial moisturiser and sunblock was massaged on my face. Post-treatment, my skin looked taut and bore a slight glow.

Similarly, a thick cold gel was applied on my underarms but this time, the treatment was even faster, taking all of five minutes for both sides. What’s great about IPL is that it not only removes hair efficiently, it also prevents ingrown hair and lightens the underarm area.

True to its word, EstheClinic’s IPL Silky Smooth hair removal and Glow To Go skin rejuvenation was fast and painless – great for busy executives who can zip in and out of its Tras Street clinic, and return to work smooth and glowing.



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Tel: 6221-4797



Glow To Go – $165 per session

Silky Smooth – $48 per session (underarms)


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