Beauty From The Inside Out

My Cozy Room’s new premier Royal Bird’s Nest Facial ensures that you’re pampered from the inside out.

I discovered My Cozy Room when I googled “best facial with extraction” (here’s the link to my previous review: Recognised as one of the best facials in town with numerous awards, this girlish boutique spa has opened a new branch at Devonshire as well as launched a premium Royal Bird’s Nest Facial treatment that is set to elevate your facial experience. Bird’s nest has been used for centuries for its nourishing and regenerative properties. This facial is touted to treat dullness, pigmentation and boost skin repair with its epidermal growth factor (EGF). My face can’t wait!

Treatment process:


The soothing facial extraction (yes, there's such a thing!).

The soothing facial extraction (yes, there’s such a thing!).


To begin, my therapist first cleansed and massaged my face with Dr Spiller’s Royal Jelly Cleanser which is rich in antioxidants, minerals, Vitamin B and amino acids for a brighter and healthier complexion. Then, she applied a Golden Exfoliator made of tangerine and papaya extract, and steamed my face to open my pores as she gently sloughed away my dead skin cells. After examining my face, she gave me a thorough yet gentle extraction. Usually, I’ll be grimacing and tearing during this process but this time, I actually dozed off even though she went to town on my nose!


The soothing extraction (if there's such a thing!).

The relaxing yellow stone massage…zzz….


After ensuring that my mien was spotless, a Bird’s Nest Complex containing Swiftlet Nest for cell regeneration and brightening as well as Silver Vine Fruit for whitening was applied and gently massaged on my face with a warm DRF (Dynamic Radio Frequency) handpiece for maximum absorption. By this time, I was already drifting in and out of consciousness. To balance the heat, cool yellow stones were then used to massage my skin, followed by another amazing facial massage. Swaddled like a baby in the softest blanket, I was delirious.


The anti aging Bird's Nest mask.

The anti aging bird’s nest mask.


Somewhere in La-La land, their Rejuvenating Bird’s Nest Facial with the Premium White Nest Alginate Mask was applied. Formulated with ingredients like Swiss Alps Spring Water, Algae Collagen Essence and of course, concentrated bird’s nest extract, this cooling mask containing hydration and brightening properties was applied and my therapist gave me a relaxing upper body massage while I dozed.



My face after the treatment looking visibly brighter.

My face after the treatment looking visibly brighter.


My face was smooth like a baby’s bottom and glowing like I had a good night’s sleep (which I did!). There were some light red marks from the extraction which faded after a short while.

I feel that facials are the perfect #selfcare session as you get to lie down for two whole indulgent hours while a therapist slathers luxurious creams and massages you endlessly. While there are many spas around, it’s the little touches at The Cozy Room that makes them stand out and sweep awards,  like the softest blanket, a bolster to elevate your legs, never-ending massages and even a bird’s nest drink at the end of the royal treatment for an all-round experience – after all, beauty starts from the inside. Start 2020 well by looking after yourself well!

Beauty from the Inside Out


Admiring my rejuvenated complexion post facial.

Admiring my rejuvenated complexion post facial.


From slowing down ageing to maintaining the glow of youth on your face, the bird’s nest is widely lauded for its benefits to both the body and skin. Not only is it considered a delicacy for consumption, bird’s nest has evolved into quick remedies that can be applied directly to boost complexion too.

My Cozy Room has collaborated with Kinohimitsu to enhance their client’s facial experience with a bottle of refreshing chrysanthemum-flavoured bird’s nest at the end of their treatment.


Enjoy a beautifying and refreshing bird's nest drink from Kinohimitsu after your treatment

Enjoy a beautifying and refreshing bird’s nest drink from Kinohimitsu after your treatment.


Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $388

First-time customers can enjoy 50% off for the Royal Bird’s Nest Facial
(Promotion is valid for customers residing in Singapore only)

Contact: My Cozy Room

125 Devonshire Road

S(239884) (Opposite 111 Somerset)

Tel: 6753 0030 / Whatsapp 8811 0030



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